Logo;EARTH HARVEST is an online bible based Christian apologetics book that answers eternal questions such as:Is there a God?Who is God?Is there proof that there is a god? What is the nature of God? Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?EARTH HARVEST explores the bibles views on witches,witchcraft,sorcery and the occult as well as new age practices like meditation and yoga.EARTH HARVEST also has information on current issues like the religions of Islam compared to Christianity and Creation theory of Inteligent Design) verses evolution(Darwin's Theory Of Evoloution).

Creation vs Evolutionf

There is a God!

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Join us in reaching the world. Through the internet we can reach hundreds and eventually thousands in their unique languages daily with the life giving message of the Lord Jesus Christ. Apologetics offers a valuable platform of presenting proofs and rational arguments demonstrating God exists, incarnated in time, revealed his nature, and offered us his friendship and love by establishing a personal relationship with the God of the Universe through his son Jesus Christ.

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