Sherif Michael

Sherif Michael, Law Degree (Western State University), Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) from the University of California, Los Angeles. Traveled extensively and has lectured at university campuses in Argentina, Brazil (organized by CRI), Venezuela (organized by Caracas pastor and Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention), Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Bahamas, Australia (organized by Student Life), Fiji, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore and presently attends nondenominational Christian church.

In 2001, Sherif Michael lectured at Advance Bible College, Excel School of Performing Arts, the Korean Bible College, and several Assemblies of God and Brethren Assembly churches in Auckland, New Zealand. He also lectured at the Billy Graham Pacific Conference in Auckland in November 2001. In 2002, he was one of the speakers at the Parachute 2002 music festival (22,000 attendance) and the Church of Christ in Auckland, New Zealand. In August 2002, Sherif Michael and Steve Kumar lectured for Student Life (Campus Crusade) in Brisbane, Australia, at the University of Queensland (main campus, Gatton, Sunshine Coast), QUT, and the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

Since 2005 Sherif Michael has concentrated his Christian educational efforts in European countries, with an emphasis on France.

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